Iranian General Soleimani sent an indirect warning to Europe: “don’t harm the IRGC’s interests”


General Qassem Soleimani – head of Pasdaran’s special unit Qods Force – gave a speech in front of the National Assembly of the Revolutionary Guards. Even if he spoke as a “professional military expert”, his speech was full of political messages. Soleimani underlined that, with the creation of the Islamic Republic of Iran, the American superpower collapsed. The Islamic Revolution cancelled the geographic project created by Washington in Middle East and North Africa. Because of this reason, America always tried to hit Iran. Today this goal continues, even if the White House is using other tools.

For General Soleimani, America wants the nuclear agreement with Iran in order to weak the Velayat-e Faqih. After the deal, America is trying to infiltrate Iran using the European delegations and the tool of human rights. In this way, the West is seeking to create a polarization within the Iranian community and the increasing of internal demands from the public opinion. The head of the Qods Force accuses also the United States to “manage” takfir groups like Isis.


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