Iran withdraws from Frankfurt Book Fair accusing the organizers to be in the hands of the “Zionist enemy”

Source: Iran Ministry of Culture

Now it’s official: Iran will not take part to the Frankfurt International Book Fair, because of the presence of the Indian writer Salman Rushdie. Rushdie, author of the book “Satanic Verses” was condemned to death by the Imam Khomeini, who published a special fatwa against him (with the accusing to be an enemy of Islam). The Iranian Ministry of Culture, in the official press release, accused the organizers to be in the hand of the “Zionists” and to act against the Muslim world using the guise of “freedom of speech”. More, Iran invited to the other Muslim countries to “act against this provocation”. The final part of the statement, asks to the organizers of the Fair in Frankfurt to use a “selective way” to deal with the concept of “freedom of expression” and to collaborate with the Government and Muslim Nations.



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