Hamas envoy in Iran visits Malaysia, one of the recruiting hub of the Palestinian terrorist organization

 Source: Palestine-Persian.info

Hamas representative in Iran, Khaled Ghadoumi, left Tehran for a visit in Malaysia. He will take part to a conference dedicated to the “role of the women in the Asiatic countries” (Hamas.ps). The Hamas delegation met there with the deputy Prime Minister Zahid Hamidi, leader of the ruling party UMNO. The two parts spoke also about the last events in Jerusalem, and the Malaysian Deputy PM expressed his support to the Palestinian attacks. The delegation met also with Sheikh Abdul Hadi Awang, a senior local cleric who attacked the Malaysian Government in 2014, for its decision to ban Shia teachings (Press TV).  

Malaysia is one of the centers in which the military wing of Hamas – the Izz alDin al-Qassam Brigades – have recruited terrorist operatives. The last case was the one of Wasim Qawasmeh, from Hebron, recruited by Hamas while studying in the International Islamic University in Kuala Lumpur. After being recruited, Wasim Qawasmeh was sent in Turkey for training and for future deployment to the West Bank and carry out attacks against Israel (Investigative Project). He was arrested in Hebron in February 2015.




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