Khamenei accepts the Iran Deal…but leaves the door open to betray Rouhani…


Iran Supreme Leader Khamenei sent a letter to the President Hassan Rouhani, expressing is opinion on the JCPOA. From one side, the letter is a good result for Rouhani, because the Supreme Leader did not reject the nuclear deal (as some powers inside the Islamic Republic hoped). But, on the other side, the conditions imposed by Khamenei on the Iran Deal, will put the Rouhani’s faction – in other words, Rafsanjani’s faction – in a difficult situation. Khamenei said very clear that he will consider new US and EU sanctions against Iran – also based on financing of terrorism and human rights – as a violation of the JCPOA. More, Khamenei added that, the  Arak reactor will not be redesigned and the uranium’s swap will take place, only when the IAEA will close the file on Possible Military Dimensions of the Iranian nuclear program.

In a very symbolic gesture, Khamenei has referred in the letter about the Iranian Supreme National Security Council (SNSC) approbation of the JCPOA. The SNSC approved the deal on August 10, before the vote in the US Congress and the Iranian parliament. This decision could be a way to calm the opponents of the deal in the Majlis. On August 16, the Secretary of the Supreme National Security Council Ali Shamkhani, said that the JCPOA “secures Iran’s national interests” (The Iran Project). It must be noted also that, the letter, does not mention the UN Resolution 2231, approved by the UN Security Council after the agreement of July 14. Another confirmation that Tehran does not consider itself committed to the respect of the UN resolution, especially the Annex B, about the limitation in the developing of the ballistic missile program.

So, in few words, it is possible to say that Khamenei accepted the Iran Deal, but leaves the door open to betray Rouhani in any moment. And next year there will be the election for the Presidency of the Assembly of Expert…



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