Head of Iranian Basij attacks Ahmadinejad to hit Rouhani: “relying on foreign capital is a mirage”

Source: Mehr News

In a clear attempt to send an indirect message to the Rouhani’s faction, the head of the Iranian militia Basij General Muhammad Reza Naqdi, gave a strong speech during a conference dedicated to the “resistance economy and the influence of global arrogance”.

General Naqdi denounced that the economic problems and the economic solutions are not political solutions. More, from his prospective, the economic success arrives only from self-confidence, ambition and a work culture.

The head of Basij attacked the former Government of Ahmadinejad, saying that his executive achieved the pinnacle of the political submission on the nuclear issue. He also remembered when Ahmadinejad shaked his hand with a foreign woman (during the funeral of Chavez in Venezuela).

Even if Naqdi did not close to the foreign investments in Iran – especially in the oil and gas technology – he remembered that Iran was capable to achieve great results with the “economic jihad” (launched by Khamenei). Particularly in the defense sector (he remembered the developments the missiles program and the Iran-made UAV).  More: Naqdi underlined that, in two years of “compromise positions” (meaning the negotiations with the West), the oil price decreased to less than $ 50 barrel, which has caused to the Islamic Republic a loss of $ 36 billion.

Because of all these reasons, Iran needs to reject the “culture of consumptions”, denouncing that the Iranian “government is the larger consumer of foreign goods”. For General Naqdi, “relying on the foreign capitals is a mirage”.

Naqdi closes his speech remembering the important meaning of the slogan “Death to America”.



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