Missile attack against Camp Liberty. PMOI accuses Iran and asks for UN intervention [Video]

Source: Freedom Messenger

Yesterday evening a missile attack was launched against Camp Liberty, the Iraqi refugee camp of the main Iranian opposition group, the People’s Mujahedin of Iran ( also known as MeK). Camp Liberty is a former US military base, turned in a refugee camp after the attacks against the previous PMOI’s refugee center, Camp Ashraf.

In April 2011 and in September 2013, Camp Ashraf was attacked by the Iraqi security forces, after an order of the ex Prime Minister al Maliki. In the two attacks, more than 80 members of MeK were killed, and hundreds wounded. More, seven other members of MeK were kidnapped (until today their fate is unknown). Because of the attacks, the Iranian opposition was forced to relocate in Camp Liberty. Camp Ashraf became the military base of the Badr Organization, a Shia militia under Iranian control.

Below the videos of the missile attack against Camp Liberty. It seems that, at least 23 members of PMOI were killed during the attack.





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