Iranian regime limits the access to the Web browser of “Telegram Messenger”


The Iranian regime has decided to limit the access to the web browser of “Telegram Messenger”. Telegram – a Russian software – is an instant messaging service, but it offers also a web browser (link). It seems that the Iranian cyber security, has started to block or limit the access to the web browser, permitting something the only use of the ‘SSL’ protocol (the Secure Sockets Layer).

Few months ago, the CEO of Telegram Pavel Durov, revealed on Twitter that Iranian regime demanded the company provide them with “spying and censorship tools”. Telegram refused to accept the request of Tehran, and the application was briefly blocked (VoA).

Last week, the IRGC commander Gholam Reza Jalali – head of the Iran’s Civil Defense Organization – attacked the Iranian Government for its decision to sign agreements with Russian on satellite and telecommunications. He accused Rouhani to sell Iranian national infrastructures to the “Russian infidels” (Good Morning Iran).




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