Trying to rebalance the power with Russia, Velayati remembers that “Nobody helped Assad like Iran”

Source: Mehr News

In a long interview with the pro-Hezbollah newspaper As-Safir, the advisor for international affairs of Khamenei, Ali Akhbar Velayati, sent a clear message to Bashar al Assad and to Russia. Even if Velayati underlined the importance of the strategic relations with Moscow, he remembered that Iran saved the power of Bashar al Assad and no one provided support to the Syrian President like the Islamic Republic (Velayati added: “more than Russia”). For Velayati, the power of Assad today is stronger and stable than ever. After denouncing the Turkish plan to divide Syria in five countries and Iraq in three countries, Velayati announced that he has received an official invitation to visit China in the second week of December. Speaking about China, Velayati remarked the importance of this “Silk Road” to reach Middle East and Europe.

The interview, seems to be an attempt to re-balance the power of Iran in Syria, after the Russian intervention. In particular, it seems to be an attempt to remember to Putin that he could not decide the destiny of Bashar al Assad, without consulting with Tehran. Probably, also the Iranian attempt to involve more China into the alliance with Russia and Iraq, could be a way to weaken the position of Moscow.



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