This Sunday we remember – November 29, 2011: The Iranian Basij stormed UK embassy in Tehran

Source: Youtube

On November 29, 2011, the Iranian Basij gathered outside the UK embassy in Tehran to protest against the new IAEA report on the Iranian nuclear program. After the releasing of that report, London decided to ban all financial institution in UK doing business with the Islamic Republic.

Around 1000 people arrived in front of the Embassy. After a short peaceful protest, the crowd became violent and started to attack the building, breaking down the doors, throwing around all the paper, attacking the British flag and chanting the famous slogan “Death To America”, “Death to England”, “Death to Israel”. After the attack, London withdrew the ambassador and closed the diplomatic representation.

Recently, the UK Foreign Secretary Phillip Hammond visited Iran and announced the re-opening of the British Embassy soon. Despite this, when Hammond arrived to the building, a group of Iranian demonstrators protested against the reopening of the embassy.

Protest of November 29, 2011



Protest during the visit of Philim Hammond in Iran, August 2015



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