Iran Grand Ayatollah Hosein Nuri-Hamedani: “Candidates were disqualified for lacking of commitment toward Khamenei”

Source: Digarban

Speaking in Qom, the Grand Ayatollah Hosein Nuri-Hamedani, dedicated part of his speech to the decision of the Guardian Council to disqualify 60% of the reformist candidates in the next elections of the Parliament and for the Assembly of Experts. The Grand Ayatollah defended the decision, explaining that many candidates have been disqualified because of “lacking of commitment toward the Supreme Leader or because of criminal convictions“.

Only 40% of the candidates for Parliament and the Assembly of Experts, the body which chooses the Supreme Leader, have been allowed to continue by the Council. Almost all reformist candidates have been disqualified. Only four prominent reformists, including 2013 Presidential candidate Mohammad Aref, have been passed by the Council to stand in Tehran Province (EA WorldView).



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