Saudi Arabia Foreign Ministry released a list of 58 proofs of Iran’s support of terrorism

Source: Tabnak, el-Balad, Arab News

The Foreign Ministry of Saudi Arabia released a report, in order to prove the Iranian support to terrorism. The report contains a list of 58 facts, which proof the Tehran’s support to terrorism, regional instability and sectarian conflict. The long list includes:

  • The Pasdaran support to regional proxies, like Hezbollah, al Qaeda and the Houthi;
  • The kidnapping 96 foreigners – between them 25 Americans – in Lebanon since 1982;
  • The attack against the US embassy in Beirut in 1983;
  • The suicide operation against the headquarter of US Marine Corps in Beirut, committed by an Iranian kamikaze (Ismail Askari);
  • The attack against the headquarter of French military forces in Beirut (64 killed);
  • The hijacking of a TWA flight, with the kidnapping of 39 US passengers in 1985;
  • The inciting riots during the Hajj in 1986, which provoked 300 deaths;
  • The assassination of members of the Kurdistan Democratic Party in Berlin in 1994;
  • The attack against the AMIA center in Buenos Aires in 1994 (85 deaths);
  • The attack against the Khobar Towers in 1996 in Saudi Arabia (20 people killed);
  • The Iranian support to Shiite elements in Iraq by forming political parties and militias loyal to Iran. These activities result in the deaths of some 4,400 US service members and tens of thousands of civilians, particularly Sunni Arabs. Former US Ambassador to Iraq James Jeffrey said that the Americans who died were killed in operations carried out by groups backed directly by Iran.
  • The involved in the assassination of Saudi diplomat Hassan Al-Qahtani in Karachi and the attempt to kill the Saudi Ambassador in Washington (2011);
  • The Iranian involvement in plot to assassinate US officials and diplomats in Baku, the capital of Azerbaijan (which failed). A Shiite group in Azerbaijan, backed by Iran and working under the instructions of the Revolutionary Guard, is behind the plot (2012);
  • The Iranian officially admission – through the commander of the Iranian Revolutionary Guards, Mohammad Ali Jafari – that it has 200,000 Iranian fighters outside the country — in Syria, Iraq, Afghanistan, Pakistan and Yemen.

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