Iran: a conference in solidarity with Gaza, became the occasion to attack Saudi Arabia

 Source: Palestine-Persian, Sepah News

During a conference organized in Iran in solidarity with the Palestinian people – entitled “Gaza, the symbol of resistance” – the representative of the Islamic Jihad attacked Saudi Arabia. Nasser Abu Sharif denounced that, with the costs of two military airplanes (approximately 295 million dollars), it is possible to rebuild the Gaza Strip. But, said Abu Sharif, today we see these airplanes bombing Yemen“.

In the same conference spoke also the head of IRGC, Mohammad Ali Jafari. Major General Jafari underlined that “the uprising in the name of God is a Divine duty” (intending that the new Intifada is a jihad), and denounced that today the Palestinian issue it is not in the center of the agenda of the Arab countries. Jafari took the occasion to attack United States and to repeat that the “88 movement” – the 2009’s popular protest in Iran – was an attempt to destroy the Islamic Republic. He closed his speech remembering that Iran has recruited 200,000 people in order to defeat “external conspiracy” in Syria, Iraq, Yemen, Afghanistan and Pakistan.

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