Basij Commander Naqdi: “The travels of Rouhani in Italy and France are against the economy of resistance”

Source: Digarban, BBC Persian

Speaking in Qom, the head of the Basij militia General Muhammad Reza Naqdi, attacked the President Hassan Rouhani for his travel in Europe (in Italy and France). For Naqdi, these travels – and the agreement signed there – are against the “economy of resistance”, an important value of the Iranian system, promoted directly by the Supreme Guide Ali Khamenei. Naqdi also denounced the risks of the “soft war”, through the infiltrations of Western science and conspiracies inside the Islamic Republic (in Farsi this risk is called “Nufuz“). Naqdi also underlined that France is the first enemy of the Iranian revolution and it is today the headquarter of the opposition group MKO (Mojahedin-e-Khalq Organization).

Before Naqdi, also the newspaper Kayhan – very close to the Rahbar Khamenei – attacked the President and the Italian Government, calling an ‘humiliation’ the decision of organizing  the press conference between Rouhani and Matteo Renzi – Rome’s Prime Minister – under the statue of Marcus Aurelius, the emperor who defeated the Parthian Empire (Radio Farda).



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