Rezaei: “Liberals and technocrats must not enter in Iranian politics and economy”

Source: Digarban, Tabnak

Mohsen Rezaei, powerful Secretary of the Expediency Discernment – attacked indirectly the President Rouhani, saying that “liberals and technocrats must not enter inside the Iranian politics”. In his speech, Rezaei also expressed his support for the Council of Guardians, which has disqualified 60% of the candidates for the elections of the Parliament and the Assembly of Experts. He underlined that, who was disqualified was part of the “counter-revolution movement” who took the street (in 2009).

In another part speech from Khuzestan, Rezaei criticized Saudi’s decision to execute Sheikh Nimr al-Nimr and criticized Turkey. Speaking about Ankara, Rezaei said that, even if there is in Turkey a more democratic environment (compared to Saudi Arabia), the conditions of intellectuals and university professors is becoming very “tight”.



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