Shameful: octogenarian Iranian human rights activist Mohammad Maleki beaten by security forces


Source: Facebook

Last Friday, the Iranian security forces arrested Mohammad Maleki and Mohammad Nourizad – two Iranian human rights activists. The agents treated them cruelly, pushing the two activists into a Peugeot Mr Maleki. Few hours after the arrests, Mohammad Maleki and Mohammad Nourzad were abandoned in a desert area newar Behesht-e Zahra cemetery. Mr. Maleki – 82 years old who is the former Tehran University Chancellor – was also beaten. He decided to publish a picture on Facebook, showing the wound on his head (photo).

The two activists were arrested after the decision to launch a new form of popular protest: collecting the garbage. Why this kind of protest? Because in Iran collecting the garbage is legal and permits to the activists to avoid the accusing of “acting against the Iran’s national security” (which is the normal charge against who organizes public gathering for social or political proposes).


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