Iran admits presence of IRGC “Saberin Unit” in Syria and Iraq

Source: Fars News, Sepah News

Everyday a new piece of the Iranian involvement in Syria and Iraq is revealed. This time, IRGC General Sardar Mohammad Pakpour, admits that members of the “Saberin Unit” were deployed by Tehran in Damascus and Baghdad. “Saberin” is the special unit of IRGC ground forces. The admission was made during a special event organized to commemorate the “martyrs” of Saberin Unit in the two conflicts. Pakpour said that Iran was forced to deploy the special unit, in order to defend the holy shrines and to fight “tafkiri” and “salafists”. He also said that 60% of the borders of the neighboring countries to Iran, are in the hand of terrorist groups (in particular he spoke about the dangerous borders with Pakistan and Afghanistan).



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