IRGC General Rezaei: “CIA’s agent travelled in Iran and visited all Universities”. A new wave of crackdowns is near?

Source: Tasnim News

One day after the Iranian election, Mohsen Rezaei – powerful IRGC General and Secretary of the Expediency Discernment Council – gave a dangerous speech during an event dedicated to science and engineering in the Imam Hossein University of Tehran (this university is directly controlled by the Pasdaran). In the speech, Rezaei revealed that in June 2015, a member of the CIA travelled to Iran and visited all the Universities. He also added that soon, the Iranian authorities will release documents, in order to prove what he said and to show the American attempt to infiltrate inside the Iranian young society.

Considering the battle between the factions inside the Islamic Republic, is Mohsen Rezaei announcing a new phase of IRGC’s crackdown inside the Iranian Universities???



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