IRGC’s Chief Ali Jafari: “Inside Iran, there is who doesn’t believe in the values of the Islamic Revolution”

Source: Digarban

Less than one week after the election in Iran, the head of the Iranian Revolutionary Guards, gave a dangerous speech. In his speech, Major General Mohammad Ali Jafari said that the enemies of Iran are today well aware that the “military threats against the revolution will not work”. Today, continued Jafari, the enemies are looking for ways to infiltrate the Islamic Republic, organizing “conspiracies and plots”. Because of this reason, the first goal for the security forces is the necessity to confront the “internal enemies of the revolution” (Jafari called this the “main danger”). “Inside Iran” – said Jafari – “there are people who do not believe in the continuation of the Islamic Revolution, going against the principle of the Velayat-e Faqih“. The IRGC Commander ended his speech saying that “those who have raised allegations didn’t know the nature of the Islamic Revolution, the Quran and religious duty


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