Iran bans independent concerts in the Universities

Source: Radio Zamaneh

Seyyed Zia Hashem, Deputy Minister of Culture, announced the publication of a new regulation, which bans any kind of independent concert from the Universities. The new regulation was decided by the office of the Supreme Leader and the Ministry of Culture. Not only the new rules forbid any kind of independent concert, but also the promotion of music inside the Universities.

Music in the Universities will be permitted only following six conditions:

• strengthening national identity and in accordance with Islamic principles;
• the inclusion of content in order to encourage the moral, social, political and revolutionary values
• strengthening the scientific spirit, self-confidence and the desire to progress;
• Use good singers and cultural figures;
• Lack of emotions which could stimulate  lust, vulgarity and frivolity;
• absence of themes of poetry, capable to encouraged licentiousness, despair, superficiality and ignorance of human dignity.
According to Article IV of the Rules of Procedure, the use of independent music and music education at the University is strictly prohibited.




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