Jordan and Morocco implicitly recognize Hezbollah as a terrorist organization?

Source: GCC

The Gulf Cooperation Council released the official statement of the meeting between GCC’s Foreign Ministers and the Foreign Ministers of Jordan and Morocco (the meeting was organized in Riyadh). An important part of the document was dedicated to Iran. On this, the GCC:

  • reaffirmed its support the sovereignty of the United Arab Emirates over the three islands of Greater Tunb, Lesser Tunb and Abu Musa (on which Iran claim its sovereignty);
  • Asked to Iran to end its meddling inside the internal affairs of the GCC’s countries;
  • condemned again the assault against the diplomatic representation of Saudi Arabia in Iran (the attacks in Tehran and Mashaad);
  • stressed the importance of the verification of the implementation of the nuclear agreement signed by the P5+1 and Iran and the capability to re-impose sanctions if Tehran violates the agreement.

But, more important, the statement confirms the decision taken on March 2, in which the GCC decided to insert Hezbollah in the list of the terrorist organizations. By supporting this position, also the Foreign Ministries of Jordan and Morocco have implicitly recognized the Party of God as a terrorist organization.



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