Iran ready to transfer the fight against Saudi Arabia inside the UN Human Rights Council

Source: Tabnak

Few days ago, the UN Human Rights Council decided to renew the mandate to Ahmed Shaheed, the Special Rapporteur on the situation of human rights in the Islamic Republic of Iran. Shaheed is considered an enemy in Tehran and his last report on the human rights situation in Iran, underlined that nothing has changed since the election of Hassan Rouhani to the Presidency. On the contrary, the report denounced that, only in 2015, almost 1000 prisoners were hanged in Iran.

The renewal of Shaheed’s mandate was obtained with the direct support of Saudi Arabia and the Gulf States. On the contrary, Iran was happy to see Russia and China voting against the Special Rapporteur. Now, the Iranian media are discussion how to react to what they call the Riyadh’s strategy to use the United Nation against the Islamic Republic. It seems that Tehran wants to react, using the “same coin”: the politicization of the human rights.

Maybe, in the next future, Tehran will try to convince its allies inside the UN, in order to approve resolutions against Saudi Arabia. It also could happen that Iran will try to force the UN Human Rights Council to nominate a Special Rapporteur for human rights situation in Saudi Arabia.



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