Is Khamenei leaving the way open to accuse Rafsanjani (and Rouhani) of treason?

Source: @Khamenei_ir

Below the screenshot of one of the last tweets of Khamenei. The content of the tweet sounds like a threatening indirect message to the faction of Rafsanjani – so, it means also to President Rouhani. The Supreme Leader intends to remember who rules in Iran and the limits of the dialogue with the “Great Satan” (USA) and the West.  The tweet seems also like an indirect reaction to the popular hashtag often used by Hassan Rouhani, #constructiveEngagement (used for example during the meeting between Rouhani and Hollande, in Paris). In these hours Rouhani announced the cancellation of his visit in Austria: officially the decision was taken for security reasons, but there is who is speculating that Rouhani cancelled his new visit in Europe because of political tensions inside Iran (EA World View).



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