Khamenei’s threats work: Rafsanjani ready to suspend all his social media activity?


Few days ago we report about the indirect threat of Khamenei to Rafsanjani and Rouhani. He attacked them saying that, if someone thinks that the future of Iran is based on the negotiation and not on the missiles, this person is or ignorant or a traitor. The message of Khamenei was an answer to a tweet of Rafsanjani, in which the former President of Iran said that the “[tomorrow’s] world is of  negotiation, not world of missiles” (Good Morning Iran). Khamenei also was launching a message to Rouhani and his often use of the hashtag #constructiveEngagement (which he used also in Paris, after the meeting with Hollande. Rouhani was directly attacked by the Pasdaran after that visit).

Now, after the threats of Khamenei, an anonymous adviser of Rafsanjani announced that the chairman of the Expediency Discernment Council, has decided to suspend all his activity in the cyberspace. The news was published on IRIB News Agency. If true, this means that Rafsanjani will suspend his cyber activity not only in Twitter, but also of his accounts Instagram and Telegram.



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