Iran opposition leader Mehdi Karroubi sent an open letter to President Rouhani asking for a public trial

Source: Sham News, Iran Wire

Mehdi Karroubi, former Iranian Presidential candidate and actual leader of the opposition Green Wave Movement, sent an open letter to Hassan Rouhani from his house arrest. In the letter, Karroubi denounced the fact that now the Iranian regime is represented by only a single voice and denounced that the Presidential elections of 2005 and 2009 were “fraudulent”. He did not ask for his release from house arrest, but request a public trial – based on Article 168 of the Iranian Constitution.

He added that:

The outcome of this trial will show which side in the [2009] election dispute has turned its back on the revolution and which side is dishonorable. It will show which side continues in the path of the revolution and is honorable. “Allah is sufficient witness between me and you,” I emphasize that I will accept the verdict of this court without reserve and welcome it without asking for the right to appeal because the world is god’s court and his deputies on this Earth are the people. And there are no better judges than  God and the people (Iran Wire).



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