Iran says NO to Mogherini’s request to establish an EU office Tehran?


During her last visit in the Islamic Republic, the EU representative Federica Mogherini requested to the Iranian official to establish a representative office of the European Union in the capital Tehran. During the discussion with Foreign Minister Zarif, Mogherini seemed to be very positive on this issue. But now, only few days after the visit of Mogherini, it seems that Iran has answered negatively to the European request. On April 18 it was announced that, until the opening of the EU representation in Tehran, the Dutch embassy would serve as EU Office in Iran.

In 2014 Lady Ashton, the predecessor of Mogherini, was attacked by the Iranian political establishment for having met the human rights activist Narges Mohammadi in the embassy of Austria in Tehran. Few months after that meeting, Narges Mohammadi was arrested and she is still in jail (the regime denies to Narges also to see her two sons). One of the reasons of her arrested, was also the meeting with the EU representative. Despite this, Federica Mogherini has never condemned the arrest of Narges Mohammadi and has never requested to Iran to free her immediately.



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