Supreme Leader Rep. in Qods Force: “The revenge against Saudi Arabia will take place from Riyadh”

Source: Digarban

The representative of the Iran Supreme Leader Ali Khamenei in the Qods Force, Imam Ali Shirazi, launched a dangerous and strong attack against Saudi Arabia. Shirazi said that the “Shrine’s Defenders will avenge the blood of martyrs from Saudi Arabia, and the revenge will take place from Riyadh”. The indirect meaning of this words, is that Iran will transfer its jihadists from Syria to Riyadh! Ali Shirazi called the House of Saudi “the enemies” and accused Riyadh to be the first sponsor of Isis. He ended his speech accusing Saudi Arabia to be incapable to arrange the Holy pilgrimage (the Hajj).

Considering the special role of the IRGC Unit Qods Force in exporting the Iranian ideology and terrorism, this threat must be considered very dangerous and taken very seriously.



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