Meet the Lebanese Shiite cleric who challenges the power of Hassan Nasrallah



Sheikh Muhammad Ali Al-Huisseini in Paris

Source: Facebook, MEMRI

Below the video of the last interview of the Lebanese Shiite cleric Mohamad Ali El- Husseini. Speaking with Sky News Arabia, al-Husseini attacked the Iranian regime and invited the head of Hezbollah to join the Arab nation. He also added that Tehran will “send Nasrallah out when it has finished using him”.

In these days, al-Husseini arrived in France, where he met with Sunni clerics and also visited the Holocaust Forum of Paris. There, in his Facebook page, the Lebanese cleric wrote: “We are on a historic visit in the name of humanity to the Jewish victims Holocaust forum and announce solidarity and sincere condolences to the people of the victims. We live in the era of Pharaoh and Hitler, we suffer from terrorism represented today by evil doers. We declare in the name of humanity our condemnation and our rejection of this brutal crime and our human solidarity with victims. we, the good guys in the world, have to always look and take in account what Pharaoh did to Israeli population and what Hitler committed to Jews as lessons; and bear in mind that Pharaoh and Hitler returned to kill and burn human again, we have to confront them and address them so that the Holocaust will not be repeated all over again“.

Sheikh Muhammad Ali Al-Huisseini lives in Beirut and is the head of the Arab Islamic Council.


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