Iran: ex political prisoner Atena Farghadani published a new strong cartoon!

Source: Facebook

Atena Farghadani, Iranian artist and ex political prisoner, released yesterday the picture of her new cartoon. This time, her cartoon is for Ms Ensieh Khazali, the President of Alzahra University, from which Atena was expelled. Atena graduated in Alzahara University with a BA in Art. Thanks to her great qualities, she was invited to enroll in postgraduate studies. But, after her arrest in August 2014, Ms Khzali decided to prevent Atena from the registration.. It is important to remember that Ensieh Khazali is the daughter of Ayatollah Abolghasem Khazali Boroujerdi, who died in 2015. Ayatollah Khazali was a hardliner politician, with close ties with Ahmadinejad and Saed Jalili.

Atena Farghadani was first condemned to 12 years in jail, and after released in May 3 after important international protests.



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