Report: Iran sent in Syria 14000 Afghans mercenaries, spending $ 4 billion in 5 years

Source: Al – Arabiya

The newspaper Al-Arabiya published an article which exposed how Iran has used the Afghan mercenaries to fights the jihad in Syria. The report reveals that, until now, Tehran recruited between 12000 and 14000 Afghan mercenaries, all of them sent in Syria inside the so called Fatemeon Brigade. For them the Islamic Republic spent 260 billion tomans per year, the equivalent of 76 million dollars per year. So, until now, Tehran has spent more than $ 4 billion over the last five years, to save Assad’s regime and support the exportation of the Khomeini’s revolution. The commander of the Fatameon Brigade, Ali Reza Tavassoli (a man of Qassem Soleimani), was killed in late February 2015, during a battle in Daraa.

Last May, the Iranian parliament approved the draft of a law, which will grant the Iranian nationality to the Shiite militiamen killed in Syria, most of them from Afghanistan and Pakistan. Despite this decision, Iran works to hide the number of Shiite mercenaries killed in Syria. Gen. Saeed Ghasemi, commander of Ansar Hezbollah, denounced that Tehran buries dozens of dead Afghan mercenaries, in a cemetery close to the city of Qom, in tombs with “unknown identity”.

It is also important to report that many of the Afghans sent to Syria were refugees in Iran from the Hazara ethnic group and sometimes minors. This in clear violations of the International Conventions for the protection of the Refugees and the Children (Good Morning Iran).



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