Shameful: Pro IRGC picture invites to kill the children of Aleppo


Source: Persian.War.News

In these days a video circulated on the Web showing the children of Aleppo while they were burning car’s wheels. The goal of these children is to create a big cloud of smoke, in order to confuse the pro-Assad pilots while they bomb their targets in the city. We need to remember that, between these targets, there are not only the rebel positions, but also civilian targets like hospitals.

It seems that the action of the Aleppo’s children provoked the anger of the pro-IRGC groups. In the picture below, a group affiliated to the Iranian Pasdaran, invited the people to kill the children of Aleppo. Inside the picture it is written: “ISIS bastard dwarves, if you don’t kill them, they’ll be worse than fathers“.




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