Children of Ahvaz launched the campaign to have the right of studying Arabic in the Iranian schools

SourceAl Arabiya

An important political campaign was launched by the children of Ahvaz: called “Studying in My Native Tongue is My Right”,  the campaign asks to the Iranian authorities to allow the teaching of Arabic in the Iranian schools. Many pictures and videos of children from Ahvaz were published in the social network, with the Hashtag الدراسة_بلغة_الام_حقي#. The human rights organization of Ahvaz, accuse the Iranian regime of violating all the international resolutions approved by many international bodies like Unesco (30 C / DR 35, approved in 1999) and UNGA(article 27 of the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights, issued in December 1946 and RES/61/266, approved in May 2007), all based on the request to the states to preserve and respect the languages and the cultures of the peoples and minorities.






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