Syria/Iraq: The battle in Aleppo is overseen by officers of Russia & North Korea. Hezbollah involved in Mosul offensive!

Source: Youtube, Youtube, Youtube

Two prisoners captured in West of Aleppo, revealed that the Assad’s forces in Aleppo are overseen by two foreign officers: one from Russia and another one from North Korea. They also revealed that Hezbollah is deeply involved in the battle of Aleppo, with at least 200 fighters.

Another video, this time from Iraq, shows Lebanese Hezbollah involved in the Battle of Mosul (Video 1). In the battle are strongly involved many Shia pro-Iran militias, grouped inside the so called Popular Mobilization Forces (PMU). In the last video below, for example, it is possible to see Iraqi Hezbollah Brigades (aka Kata’ib Hezbollah), transporting artillery and fighters inside Province of Nineveh (Video 2). Hezbollah Brigades is a US-designated Foreign Terrorist Organization.

Video 1

Video 2


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