Iran: New video shows Professor Zibagalam while refusing to trample on US flag

Source: Youtube

The video below shows another moment in which, visiting the University of Mashhad, the Iranian professor Sadegh Zibagalam has refused to trample on the US flag. He succeeded, despite the attempts of the radical students, to force the reformist professor to walk only in one direction. In another video, published before this one, it was possible to see Professor Zibagalam while entering the University of Mashhad – where he was invited for a debate – doing his best to do not trample not only on the US flag, but also on the Israeli one (link).

While the videos of Sadegh Zibalagam are becoming famous outside Iran, inside the Islamic Republic the conservative media are reacting to the gestures of the reformist Professor of the Tehran University. This is how they depict him, after what happened in Mashhad.







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