Afghan MPs accuse Iran to host, finance and arm the Taliban

Source: Daily Weesa

Some Afghan MPs, are accusing Iran to finance the activity of the Taliban in Afghanistan. They denounced that Tehran is not only giving weapons and tanks to the Taliban, but it is also hosting the main leaders of the Sunni extremist group. The leaders of the Taliban in Iran, are leaving in Provinces of Yazd, Razavi Khorosan, Fars and Kerman, and from there they manage to control their activity inside Afghanistan. The goal of Iran is to enlarge its influence in Afghanistan and to contrast the activity of Isis.

From his side, also Mr Rahmatullah Nabil – Afghanistan’s spy chief – confirmed that Iran gives weapons and money to the Taliban. He also said that Tehran’s goal is to contrast Isis, but he underlined that also China and Russia have the same goal. But, contrary to the choice of Tehran to support the Taliban, Bejing and Moscow are in direct contact with the Government in Kabul, in order to coordinate the anti-Isis activities.




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