Arab media: Iran ready to send 40,000 Afghan Shia jihadists in Aleppo

Source: Arabi21; Arabi21

Arabi 21 published an article in which it says that, in the training camps of Tehran, Mashhad and Kerman, there are around 40,000 Afghan Shia jihadists, ready to join the fights in Aleppo, enlisting in the so called Vatmeon Brigade. These jihadists received the promise to obtain the Iranian and Syrian citizenships. In particular, in order to obtain the Syrian citizenship, the Afghans will need to fight for Bashar al Assad at least for two years. Today, there are already neighborhoods in Damascus almost totally inhabited by Shia Afghans. The article also contain another video produced by Iranian Pasdaran, in order to convince the Afghans Hazara to join the Vatmeon Brigade. In the meantime, the State Television of Afghanistan announced that, until now, at least 1000 Afghan Shiites – arrived in Iran as refugees and sent to Syria – lost their lives fighting for Damascus.


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