While Rouhani congratulates with Assad, ex Iranian diplomat warns on the consequences of Syrian massacre

Source: The Arab Weekly

Yesterday the Iranian President Hassan Rouhani phoned to the Syrian President Bashar al Assad, in order to congratulate for the “victory in Aleppo”. While Rouhani was expressing happiness for the events in Syria, a former Iranian diplomat gave an interview, warning on the dangerous consequences of the Syrian war. Speaking with the newspaper Al Sharq, Mir Mahmoud Mousavi said that the success in Aleppo could delight for only two days, but will force Iran to be worry for the next thirty years. Mousavi underlined that Tehran did the same mistake when the United States decided to oust the Taliban from Kabul. In that occasion, the Islamic Republic remained in silence and gave its support to the American operation. But the end of the Taliban regime in Afghanistan, did not eliminate the Taliban problem.

Speaking about Syria, Mousavi said that the killing of 300 thousand people and the displacement of 12 million others, will lead only to new hatred and violence. Mousavi stressed that the real security of the Iranian borders, could be achieved only with peace and stability in other countries like Syria, Iraq, Afghanistan and Saudi Arabia. He also denounced that in Mosul, the involvement of the Shia militias is changing the demography of the city, and this will represent a reason of concern for Turkey.

Mir Mahmoud Mousavi was the head of the Western Asia Department in the Iranian Foreign Ministry and was Ambassador in India and Pakistan.



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