From Tunis and Cairo, the Iranian Arab minority launch campaign to free the al-Ahwaz region


DSPA’s meeting in Cairo, January 2017

Source:, Zahratmasr.comYoutube,

At the beginning of January 2017, the Democratic party of Ahwaz (DSPA), held a special meeting in Cairo. From the capital of Egypt, as announced my Aref al Kaabi (head of the political bureau of the DSPA), the representatives of the Iranian Arab minority, asked to al Sisi to support their struggle for the independence of Province of Khuzestan. From there, the DSPA also announced the intention to request to join the next meeting of the Arab League in Amman (to be held on March 29).
While  the DSPA searches only a political solution for the Ahwaz self-determination, rejected the violence, inside the Islamic Repubblic of Iran the armed wing Arab Struggle Movement for the Liberation of Ahwaz (ASMLA) – the Brigades of the Martyrs Al-Nasser Mohiuddin , have attacked two pipelines, near the town of Omidiyeh and in Deylam. Below the video of the attack, published on the website of ASMLA. Also the ASMLA had an important conference at the beginning of December 2015 in Tunis, and from there launched the campaign to “raise the issue of Ahwaz to the same level as other Arab issues, especially the Palestinian cause as a just cause affecting the conscience of the Arab nation and a key part of its national security”.



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