Harsh attack of Iranian newspaper Kayhan against Rouhani, over relations with France

Source: Kayhan

The French Foreign Minister Jean-Marc Ayrault, just visited Iran for two days, with a large business delegation. During his visit in Tehran, he met with President Rouhani and Foreign Minister Zarif, and repeated Paris’s support to Iran Deal. But, while Ayrault was in Iran, the international media published the story about the new missile test realized by Tehran. Commenting the news, Ayrault said that “the test is contrary to the spirit of United Nations Security Council Resolution 2231”.  

Reacting to the words of Ayrault, the Iranian newspaper Kayhan – considered very close to the Supreme Leader Khamenei – attacked the Government, accusing Rouhani to bow to a hostile entity, giving to Paris lucrative business. The article also compared what happened with the “case of Sigmar Gabriel”, incumbent German Foreign Minister. Before visiting Tehran in October 2016, Gabriel said that “Iran should never undermine Israel’s existence”. Kayhan wrote that, in that case, Berlin was interfering in one of the key points of the Iranian foreign politics, and it was the duty of the Government to cancel the visit of Gabriel (but the visit was confirmed).



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