Berlin: Iranian spy condemned to 4 years in jail. He planned attacks in Germany and France

Source: al-Arabiya

Haider Syed Mustafa, a Pakistani man, was condemned to 4 years and 3 months in jail, for being a spy for the Iranian regime. The Court proved that Haider Syed Mustafa, 31 years old, was recruited by the Quds Force in 2015, and received a monthly salary of 2052 euros. For the IRGC, he collected information on a French-Israeli professor in University of Paris (he took more than 300 photos of him and 20 videos), and on SPD politician Reinhold Robbe, former head of the German-Israeli Friendship Society. The Pakistani man was prepared to kill both of them, in case the Iranian regime would order him.

Haider Syed Mustafa was arrested in Bremen in June 2016, after the Germany security forces discovered that he transmitted all the information to the Iranian intelligence. The German intelligence, said that the Iranian goal was to collect a list of people considered close to Israel, in order to kill them as retaliation, in case of a war between the two countries.



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