Iranian Court opens a case against ex Mayor of Tehran for his attacks against the IRGC’s role in Syria

Source:, Youtube,

The Iranian Court of Isfahan, has announced the opening of a case against Gholamshossein Karbaschi, former Mayor of Tehran. The file was opened after the attack of Karbaschi against the Iranian intervention in the Syrian conflict. Speaking during a pro-Rouhani event in Isfahan, Karbaschi said that he believes that Iran wants peace in Syria, Lebanon and Yemen, but it cannot achieve this peace only “through giving money, purchasing weapons and killing and beating” (video on the top).

The Court of Isfahan accuses Karbaschi of having “insulted the Defenders of the Shrine”. In the websites close to the Pasdaran, it is also possible to find now an imagine of Gholamshossein Kerbaschi with a knife close to his neck (picture below).

It is the second time, in few days, in which the Iranian intervention in Syria is attacked: last week, another video was posted online, in which it was possible to see a student of Tabriz University, attacking the Pasdaran role in Syria in front of Hassan Abbasi, the ideologist of the Revolutionary Guards (Video).



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