Saudi Arabia Deputy Crown Prince: “no points of convergence with the Iranian regime”


Source: Youtube; Arabic Euronews

In an harsh answer given during a TV interview with MBC, Saudi Arabia Deputy Crown Prince and Defense Minister Mohammad Bin Salman, said that there are no convergence points between his country and Iran. For Mohammad Bin Salman, the only goal of Tehran is to dominate the Muslim world and agreeing in a dialogue with Iran, will mean the acceptation of an extremist ideology and the spreading of “their Twelver Jaafari sect in the Muslim world”. On this religious aspect, Mohammad Bin Salman added that Iranian regime is committed in preparing the ground for the return of the “Imam Mahdi and (in order to achieve this goal) they must control the Muslim world“. Speaking about the threats of Iran to Saudi Arabia, the Deputy Crown Prince said that Riyadh knows that the real goal of Tehran is to reach the focal point of the Muslim world (Mecca) and, because of this, “we will not wait the fight inside Saudi Arabia“, working to bring the battle inside Iran.


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