Former Iraqi MP claimed to have delivered a letter of Izzat al-Douri to Iran

Source: Araby21

Hassan Alawi, former Iraqi MP, claimed to have delivered a letter of Izzat al-Douri – ex Vice Chairman of the Iraqi Revolutionary Council – to Iran. Alawi said that he received the letter around two months ago, in his home in Erbil (Iraqi Kurdistan). In the letter al-Douri prasied Tehran and apologized for the invasion of Kuwait, during the Saddam’s era. He also proposed to mediate a compromise between what remains of the al-Baath party, Iranian regime, Kuwait and United States.

After the fall of the Saddam’s regime, al-Douri led the so called “Naqshabdi Army”. Experts wrote that he has cooperated directly with Daesh (aka Isis), especially for the conquest of Musul. On April 2015, the media reported that al-Douri was killed by the Iraqi Army, but one month later an audio was released to deny the rumors.

Iran: Afghan Shia jihadists announce the creation of a new Basij unit

Source: Tasnim News

Speaking during a ceremony dedicated to the “Afghan martyrs” of the Syrian war, the Hojjat ol Eslam Hajjat Gonabadinejad – Fatimiyoun Brigade Cultural Deputy – announced the creation of the “Fatimiyoun Basij”. He also added that a special mosque was dedicated to the “Fatemyoun warriors” in Mashhad and this religious center serves as a base for cultural activities for the new Basij militia.

Lebanon: President Aoun defends the weapons of Hezbollah. Saudi king cancels his visit to Beirut!

Source: Youtube; al-Ahed News, Gulf News

In an interview with an Egyptian TV channel, the Lebanese President Aoun defended the weapons of Hezbollah. Instead of asking to the Party of God to surrender their weapons, as also requested by the UN resolution 1559, President Aoun said that these weapons must be considered as “part of the resistance”, and that Hezbollah is complementary to the Lebanese army and an essential part of the protection of Lebanon. Aoun defended also the Hezbollah’s intervention in Syria, saying that it is not part of a regional conflict, but part of the fight against terrorism.

After this interview, Saudi King Salman Bin Abdul Aziz Al Saud, decided to cancel his visit in Beirut, planned for the end of March. With the goal of ease the tension between Riyadh and Beirut, King Salman received President Aoun in Saudi Arabia last January 10, 2017.

Sweden: famous female football player, shows solidarity with Iranian women

Source: Instagram

Below a post published on the Instagram account of Magdelena Eriksson, Swedish female football player. In this post, the famous sportswoman wanted to show her solidarity to the Iranian women, who are forced to wear the veil and to whom is even forbidden the entering in the stadium. Probably, this post is also an indirect critic to the women who are part of the Swedish executive, on their behavior during the official visit in Iran (the female representatives of Stockholm arrived in Tehran all veiled and remained in silence on the issues of human and women rights abuses in the Islamic Republic).


Senior adviser of Iranian Quds Force: “Our missiles can destroy Israel in 7 minutes and 30 seconds”


Speaking in Bandar Abbas, the Senior adviser of the IRGC Quds Force, Brigadier General Ahmad Karimpour, said that Iran has identified the main important centers in Israel, and it can destroy them with its missiles in only 7 minutes and 30 seconds. Karimpour added that, in doing so, the Iranian forces will obey to the will of the Supreme Leader Khamenei, who invited to hit directly Tel Aviv and Haifa. He added that, if Iran will be attacked, the Islam Republic will react launching automatically the missiles Shahab-3.


Terrible in Tehran: Security van deliberately runs over homeless. Two killed [Video]

Source: Youtube

Many people are spreading a terrible video, which arrives from Iranian capital Tehran. The video shows many homeless lying on the ground, with their bodies covered by blood. From what the people are writing in the social networks, it seems that a van of the Iranian security deliberately ran over them. For the moment, the news from Iran reports that two homeless were killed and ten wounded.

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Anti-regime protests in Ahwaz during the visit of Rouhani: slogans in praise of Saudi King Salman [Video]

Source: Youtube

After the popular protest of last week in Khuzestan, the Iranian President Rouhani arrived in the region in order to promise changes and more attention to the local necessities. Despite the promises, the arrival of Rouhani was greeted with harsh anti-regime protests. As it’s possible to see in many videos uploaded online, thousands of people marched chanting slogans like “Death to Tyranny” and slogans in praise of Saudi’s King Salman. Also the students of the Ahwaz University protested, chanting “Marg Bar Dikator“, Death to Dictator.

During an TV interview in Iran, Palestinian leader Ahmed Jibril threatened to invade Jordan!

Source: Arabi21

Speaking with an Iranian TV channel Ahmed Jibril, Secretary of the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine – General Command (PFLP-GC), has threatened to invade Jordan. Ahmad Jibril, who was in Tehran for the so called “International Conference in Support of Palestinian Intifada”, attacked the Arab States accusing them of “having deviated” from the support to the Palestinian cause. He added that the liberation of Palestine is an Islamic responsibility” and, because of this reason, “we will enter in Jordan, in order to liberate Palestine, whether we will be welcome or rejected”. Jibril was officially expelled from Jordan in 1971, after the failed PLO’s attempt to overthrow the regime of King Hussein. The war between the Jordanian Army and the Palestinian fedayyn, is known as “Black September”. Ahmed Jibril today lives in Syria and his men are today fighting for the Assad’s regime. During the interview, Jibril also said that he personally met Qassem Soleimani, head of the IRGC Quds Force, in Tehran.


Iran: Son of Ayatollah Montazeri arrested to serve his six-year prison sentence

Source: ISNA

Ahmad Montazeri, son of the Grand Ayatollah Hossein Montazeri, was arrested yesterday, in order to start serving his six-year prison sentence. Ahmad Montazeri was condemned for having published the audio tape of a special meeting of the so called “Death Committee”, a special tribunal created by Khomeini in 1988, in order to eliminate the political adversaries. In the tape, Ayatollah Montazeri attacked the Committee and the execution of more than 5000 political prisoners. In the “Death Committee” there was also Mostafa Pour-Mohammadi, actual Minister of Justice in the Rouhani’s Government. Before the crisis of 1988 and the critics to the regime, Grand Ayatollah Montazeri was considered the designated successor of Ayatollah Khomeini.