Commander of Iraqi pro-Iran militia visited Lebanon border with Israel [Video]

Source: Youtube

In what appeared a dangerous move which could spark new tension, the Arab media have published a video of the Iraqi shia commander Sheikh Amin Qais al-Khazali in southern Lebanon, very close to the Israeli border (ten kilometers from the Golan Heights). Sheikh Amin Qais al-Khazali is the commander of the Iraq shia militia Asaib Ahl al-Haq, financed and equipped by the Iranian Quds Force and part of the Popular Mobilization Forces. In the video, it is possible to see al-Khazali with a commander of Hezbollah and, speaking to the phone, saying that he is “full readiness to stand together with the Lebanese people and the Palestinian cause”. The Lebanese Government was not informed of this visit, which indicates another time its incapability (and the incapability of the Lebanese Army) to control the State’s territory.


Khamenei’s representative to Quds Force: “Hundreds of rockets will fall on Israel”


Ali Shirazi, Khamenei’s representative in the Quds Force, warned Israel saying that “if the leaders of the Zionist entity will ignite a war in the region, hundreds of rockets will fall on Israel”. Yesterday, speaking in the opening of the Islamic Unity Conference in Tehran, the Iranian President Rouhani described Israel as “an enemy of Islam” and attacked the Arab States which are openly declaring friendship to the “Zionist entity”.

Pro-Hezbollah newspaper: “Geagea behind Hariri’s resignation”

Source: al-Akhbar

Lebanese pro-Hezbollah newspaper al-Akhbar, writes that Samir Geagea is behind the resignation of Saad Hariri. In September 28, Geagea visited Saudi Arabia and met with King Salman. In that meeting, Salman expressed his commitment to confront Iran and Hezbollah, helping also Saad Hariri and the financial crisis of Lebanon. Geagea answered that Hariri was not the right person to confront Iran, because he had an agreement with President of Lebanon Aoun, and also meets once a week the political advisor of Hassan Nasrallah, Hussein Khalil. After the words of Geagea, Saudis started to think about Bahaa Hariri – elder brother of Saad – as the Sunni figure which could lead the confrontation.

Leaving Saudi Arabia, Samir Geagea went in Australia, where he started to attack directly Saad Hariri, accusing his Government to push for a “normalization of the relations with Syrian regime”. When, in October 2017, the Lebanese Government decided to appoint Saad Zakhia as new Ambassador of Lebanon in Syria, the Ministers of Lebanese Force declared their reservation to the Government’s decision.

In the plan to promote the figure of Bahaa Hariri, also former Lebanese Minister of Justice Ashraf Rifi, played a role: he met Bahaa Hariri in Monaco, passing through Milan, to dispel suspicions. Rifi returned in Beirut on Saturday – passing always through Milan – the same day of Hariri’s resignation. The next day, Bahaa Hariri travelled from Monaco to Riyadh. Yesterday, broking the silence, Bahaa Hariri spoke with the Associated Press (from Monaco), supporting the resignation of his brother, praising Saudi Arabia and attacking Hezbollah.

Shameful: To exploit the GCC’s diplomatic crisis, Iran exported to Qatar rotten food


In order to exploit the business opportunity with Qatar and the diplomatic crisis in the Gulf, the Iranian traders have exported to Doha damaged goods and rotten food. As admitted also by the Director of the Shiraz airport, Tehran was forced to stop the shipping to Qatar, because the fruit and vegetables destined to the Arab country contained mud and were put in unhealthy cardboard boxes. Worse: the Qatari Ministry of Health denounced that the fruits imported from Iran have chemical origin, and were sent to Doha by cargos without any supervision. The result was that the Qatari people have received toxin food from Iran!

Iranian Foreign Ministry official: “the relations between us and Hamas never ceased”

Source: ILNA

In an interview with the press agency ILNA, Hossein Ansari Gabri – Foreign Minister’s assistant for Arab and African Affairs – said that, despite disagreement with Hamas, the Iranian policy on Palestine never changed. The Iranian official admitted that there have been different views on the Syrian issues with Hamas, but the two side never ceased their relations and Tehran always supported the “Palestinian resistance groups”. Speaking about the recent summit of Astana, Ansari Gabri said that Tehran, Ankara and Moscow have establishment a monitoring station in Idlib

Iranian Ahwazi leader killed in Netherland!

Source: Radio Farda

Ahmad Mola Abu Nahaz, known as Ahmed Nisi, leader of the Arab Struggle Movement (separatist group of the Iranian Province of Khuzestan), was killed yesterday in the city of The Hague. According to the press, he was murdered in front of his home in Netherland. No information, for the moment, about the killers (there are rumors that they have been arrested, but it is not sure). Ahmed Nisi left Iran in 2005, going to Netherland in order to find political asylum.

Filmmaker and journalist Mohammad Nourizad: “Iran is behind the missile attack against Riyadh”

Source: al-Arabiya

Iranian filmmaker and journalist Mohammad Nourizad, speaking in an interview, denounced that Iran is behind the recent launch of a missile against Riyadh. He also criticized the Iranian intervention in supporting the Houthi, in Syria and Iraq. Nourizad also added that Iran is a medieval and bloody regime, which needs to change its clerical leadership. As well known, Mohammad Nourizad is a member of the Iranian opposition and because of this reason he arrested many times and beaten by the security forces. Despite the violence that he suffered, he does not support the armed struggle, preferring peaceful protests and appeals. In a letter sent to the Supreme Leader, Nourizad also asked to Khamenei to step down.

Iran boycotts IAEA Nuclear Conference in Abu Dhabi!


Iran has decided to boycott the IAEA’s International Ministerial Conference on Nuclear Power in 21st Century, opened today in Abu Dhabi. Officially the Iranian delegation has decided to cancel their speech and to do not attend the Conference. Probably the reason of the boycotting is connected with the diplomatic crisis between Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates and Iran. Both Riyadh and Abu Dhabi, denounced the Iranian violation of the nuclear agreement JCPOA.

Iranian IRGC dictates their conditions for Palestinian reconciliation

Source: Tasnim News

An article published on Tasnim News – Iranian press agency with strong ties with the IRGC – spoke about the visit of the Hamas delegation in Tehran. Speaking about the agreement between Hamas and Fatah, signed recently in Cairo, the author underlined that the Islamic Republic welcomes the Palestinian national reconciliation, “but this reconciliation should not be an excuse for retaliation against Palestinian national resistance factions”. After criticizing the request of Israel to Hamas to disarm and after attacking the statement of Abu Mazen about the risk of the formation of another Hezbollah in Gaza, the author wrote: “Palestinian factions should take the advantage of the national reconciliation to strengthen the Palestinian people’s position vis-à-vis Israel, and refrain in securing the interests of the Zionist entity and some Arab reactionary regimes”.
In few words, Iran accepts the Palestinian national reconciliation agreement, provided that the Palestinian factions will continue the armed struggle and will not recognize Israel.

Iran asks to Hamas to maintain its “jihadist orientation”

Source: Kayhan

A delegation of Hamas visited Iran, led by Saleh al-Arouri. In Tehran, they met also with Ali Shamkhani, Secretary of the Supreme National Security Council of Iran. During the meeting, Shamkhani said that he hopes that Hamas will continue to maintain its jihadist orientation and its role in “resisting to Zionist occupation”. Shamkhani also added that the “ongoing confrontation against the Zionist entity”, must not change and expressed his regret for the “Takfir” groups active in the region. For his part, Arouri underlined that he arrived in Iran to “thank the Islamic Republic for its support to Palestine”, and praised the figure of Imam Hussein, who represent all the oppressed people.