Ali Akbar Velayati: “Iranian Islamic University of Azad will open branches in Syria, Iraq and Lebanon”

Source: Mehr News

Ali Akbar Velayati, senior adviser to the Supreme Leader in international affairs, announced that the Islamic University of Azad will soon open branches in Syria, Iraq and Lebanon. Regarding Syria, Velayati said that Assad has already given his assent. About Iran, Velayati said that Humam Hamoudi – new President of the Supreme Islamic Iraqi Council – has signed a Memorandum of Undestanding, accepting the opening of Azad’s University branches in Najaf, Kerbala, Baghdad, Bassora and Erbil. Velayati also said that the Secretary of Hezbollah, Hassan Nasrallah, supports the project and has given his disponibility in working to achieve an agreement between University of Azad and the Ministry of Education & Higher Education of Lebanon. Ali Akbar Velayati is also the head of the board of founders and the board of trustees of the Islamic Azad University.


Commander of Iraqi pro-Iran militia visited Lebanon border with Israel [Video]

Source: Youtube

In what appeared a dangerous move which could spark new tension, the Arab media have published a video of the Iraqi shia commander Sheikh Amin Qais al-Khazali in southern Lebanon, very close to the Israeli border (ten kilometers from the Golan Heights). Sheikh Amin Qais al-Khazali is the commander of the Iraq shia militia Asaib Ahl al-Haq, financed and equipped by the Iranian Quds Force and part of the Popular Mobilization Forces. In the video, it is possible to see al-Khazali with a commander of Hezbollah and, speaking to the phone, saying that he is “full readiness to stand together with the Lebanese people and the Palestinian cause”. The Lebanese Government was not informed of this visit, which indicates another time its incapability (and the incapability of the Lebanese Army) to control the State’s territory.

Pro-Hezbollah newspaper: “Geagea behind Hariri’s resignation”

Source: al-Akhbar

Lebanese pro-Hezbollah newspaper al-Akhbar, writes that Samir Geagea is behind the resignation of Saad Hariri. In September 28, Geagea visited Saudi Arabia and met with King Salman. In that meeting, Salman expressed his commitment to confront Iran and Hezbollah, helping also Saad Hariri and the financial crisis of Lebanon. Geagea answered that Hariri was not the right person to confront Iran, because he had an agreement with President of Lebanon Aoun, and also meets once a week the political advisor of Hassan Nasrallah, Hussein Khalil. After the words of Geagea, Saudis started to think about Bahaa Hariri – elder brother of Saad – as the Sunni figure which could lead the confrontation.

Leaving Saudi Arabia, Samir Geagea went in Australia, where he started to attack directly Saad Hariri, accusing his Government to push for a “normalization of the relations with Syrian regime”. When, in October 2017, the Lebanese Government decided to appoint Saad Zakhia as new Ambassador of Lebanon in Syria, the Ministers of Lebanese Force declared their reservation to the Government’s decision.

In the plan to promote the figure of Bahaa Hariri, also former Lebanese Minister of Justice Ashraf Rifi, played a role: he met Bahaa Hariri in Monaco, passing through Milan, to dispel suspicions. Rifi returned in Beirut on Saturday – passing always through Milan – the same day of Hariri’s resignation. The next day, Bahaa Hariri travelled from Monaco to Riyadh. Yesterday, broking the silence, Bahaa Hariri spoke with the Associated Press (from Monaco), supporting the resignation of his brother, praising Saudi Arabia and attacking Hezbollah.

Lebanon’s PM Saad Hariri attacks Iranian President Rouhani

Source: @saadhariri

In a tweet published on his official account on October 23, Saad Hariri reacted to the words of President of Iran Hassan Rouhani. Few days ago, speaking in TV, Rouhani said that today, no one can act in Iraq, Syria, Lebanon, Gulf and North Africa, without the permission of Iran. In his tweet, Saad Hariri wrote that “Lebanon is an independent Arab State, will not accept any guardianship and refuses to infringe its dignity“.

Thousands of Iranians protest against IRGC’s financial institutions! [Video]

Source: Youtube

Below four videos about the huge protest held in Tehran, few days ago: from all Iran arrived in the capital thousands of people, in order to protest against the corruption of the financial institutions, especially the one connected to IRGC and Hezbollah. People chanted slogans against the regime, against the Central Bank, against Rouhani and also against the Iranian presence in Syria.

Who finances Hezbollah?


The US think tank Foundation for Defense Democracy (FDD), has published a report about who finances the Lebanese terrorist organization Hezbollah. The firs financer, as well known, is Iran, which gives around $ 800 million every year. Another financer is Venezuela, who facilitates the drug trafficking of Hezbollah, supported also by Shia communities in America Latina. But, between who gave money to the Party of God, there is also Qatar, who gave to Hezbollah $ 300 million in 2009. FDD denounces that Hezbollah used the Lebanese bank system for its money laundering, especially to “clean” the money received from the drug trafficking.

Iran and Qatar are collaborating to support the Taliban in Afghanistan

Source: al-Arabiya

Iran and Qatar are working together, in order to support the Taliban in Afghanistan. This is going ahead since the time that, in 2013, Doha permitted to the Taliban to open an official office in Qatar, provoking the angry of ex President of Afghanistan Karzai. For its part, Tehran permitted to Qatar’s institutions, to act freely in the Afghani province of Farah, which is close to the border with Iran. Covered by humanitarian proposes, charities like “Al Gharafa”, have transferred to the Taliban money and other needs. For many Arab experts, this would be impossible without the Iranian silence support. Charge de affairs at the Saudi Embassy in Kabul, Mishari Al-Harbi, denounced the collaboration between Doha and Tehran in support of the Taliban, and asked the closure of the Taliban’s office in Qatar.

Nasrallah reveals: “I’ve convinced Khamenei to intervene in Syria”

Source: arabi21

Speaking in the annual event in the occasion of the preparation of the Ashura, the Secretary of Hezbollah Hassan Nasrallah, revealed that he was the person who convinced the Iranian Supreme Leader, to intervene in Syria. It seems that, meeting Khamenei in Tehran, Nasrallah warned him that the end of the Assad’s regime, will mean not only the fight in Hermel, Baalbek, Dahiya, Ghazieh and Bekaa, but also inside Iran, in particular in areas like Kerman, Khuzestan and Tehran.
The words of Nasrallah remind what was said by IRGC Vice Commander, Hossein Salami, few months ago. Speaking in a TV interview – see the video in Farsi on the top – Salami said that Iran decided to act in Syria, in order to defend its foothold in the Mediterranean region. Because, losing Syria, will mean losing the chain which connects the front between Iran, Syria, Lebanon and Palestine.

Iraq: Hezbollah tried to kill Shia cleric Fadhil al-Bedeiri [Video]

Source: al-Arabiya

Iraqi Shia cleric, Ayatollah Fadhil al-Bedeiri was hospitalized in al-Sader Teaching Hospital in Najaf, after a failed attempt to kill him by Hezbollah supporters. The Ayatollah denounced that he was attacked by an armed group on Tuesday night, and that this group throw grenades against his convoy. Ayatollah Fadhil al-Bedeiri recently criticized the agreement between Lebanese Army – Hezbollah and Isis. The Shia cleric, speaking from the hospital, added that, since his attack to Hezbollah’s pact with Isis, he received a number of threatening messages from supporters of Hezbollah.

General Amir Hatami, Iranian new Minister of Defense expresses support for terrorism!


The new Minister of Defense proposed by President Rouhani, Brigadier General Amir Hatami, expressed support for terrorism during his speech in front of the members of the Parliament. Speaking about the new sanctions passed by US against Iran, Hatami said that he will give “unquestionably support to the resistance front, to the Qods Force and to Major General Soleimani”. Practically, this will mean that Tehran will continue not only to finance the Qods Force’s activities abroad – which have the goal to spread the Khomeini’s ideology – but also many terrorist organizations, like Hezbollah, Hamas, the Islamic Jihad, the Popular Front for Liberation of Palestine and even al-Qaeda and the Taliban!