Iranian official praises the role of Tehran’s military advisors in the “Mediterranean coast” and attacks Westernization

Source: Alef

Speaking during a conference on national security and jihad, IRGC Commander and Secretary of the Expediency Council Mohsen Rezaei, praised the important role of the Iranian military advisors in the “Mediterranean coast”, underlining that they have “protected the borders from enemies”. Rezaei also said that the Islamic Republic have missiles which can hit targets 2000 km away, with only 15-30 meters of error. Speaking about the problems of the country, Reazei said that Islamic Revolution is suffering from lack of attention to the path of God, because of the ferocious competition of the Westernization.


Former Italian FM Terzi denounces Iranian link with al-Qaeda

Source: al-Quds al-Arabi

In an interview published in Arabic on al-Quds al-Arabi, Italian ex Foreign Minister Giulio Terzi, denounced the Iranian regime connections with the Sunni terrorist group al-Qaeda. In particular, Ambassador Terzi denounced that Tehran is using  especially Hezbollah to maintain the relations with al-Qaeda, in order to keep a low profile. Terzi explained that the relations between Iran and al-Qaeda started in early 1990 in Sudan, promoted by Hasan al Turabi. Using the Quds Force, the Islamic Republic has become a safe heaven for the terrorists of al-Qaeda, also for Sunni terrorists who arrived in Syria after 2011. About the intelligence relations between Damascus and Rome, Terzi expressed his doubts over the effectiveness of this cooperation, because of Syrian regime support to terrorism.



Head of Iran army Bagheri: “We have a missile factory in Aleppo. Hezbollah used it during 2006 war against Israel”

Source: Radio Farda

The Chief of Staff of the Iran Armed Forces, IRGC Major General Mohammad Bagheri, revealed that Iran has – since long time – a missile factory in Aleppo. Hezbollah has already used it in 2006, during the war against Israel. He also added that, during the war against Iraq, Syria supplied Iran with missiles. Bagheri also remembered Hassan Tehrani Moghammad, engineer and Pasdaran officer, who is considered the father of the Iranian missile program. He was killed on 12 November 2011, in an explosion in a depot belonging to the Army of the Guardian, 25 miles west of Iran’s capital Tehran.


Letter of IRGC commander Hamadani (killed in Syria in 2015): “Assad is fighting in our name”

Source: Fars News

The Iranian media published a posthumous letter of Hossein Hamadani, IRGC commander killed in Syria on October 7, 2015. In the letter, Hamadani remembers that Syria was the first country to recognize the Islamic Republic after the Revolution of 1979. He also added that Hafez al Assad supported Iran during the war against Iraq (giving weapons to Tehran). Speaking about the actual war in Syria, Hamadani said that Bashar al Assad is fighting “in our name”. He also added that, for US, the ending of Syrian support to Hezbollah would be enough to accept Assad. He ended his letter saying that his decision to go in Syria, was taken in “the spirit of Kerbala”.


Syria/Iraq: The battle in Aleppo is overseen by officers of Russia & North Korea. Hezbollah involved in Mosul offensive!

Source: Youtube, Youtube, Youtube

Two prisoners captured in West of Aleppo, revealed that the Assad’s forces in Aleppo are overseen by two foreign officers: one from Russia and another one from North Korea. They also revealed that Hezbollah is deeply involved in the battle of Aleppo, with at least 200 fighters.

Another video, this time from Iraq, shows Lebanese Hezbollah involved in the Battle of Mosul (Video 1). In the battle are strongly involved many Shia pro-Iran militias, grouped inside the so called Popular Mobilization Forces (PMU). In the last video below, for example, it is possible to see Iraqi Hezbollah Brigades (aka Kata’ib Hezbollah), transporting artillery and fighters inside Province of Nineveh (Video 2). Hezbollah Brigades is a US-designated Foreign Terrorist Organization.

Video 1

Video 2

In front of the Iranian Parliament, Zarif admits to have daily contacts with terrorists…


Speaking in front of the Parliament, the Iranian foreign Minister Javad Zarif, defended the foreign politics of Rouhani’s Government. During his speech, Zarif said that he is proud of his “honorable  brothers” Qassem Soleimani (commander of IRGC’s Qods Force), Hassan Nasrallah (Secretary of Hezbollah) and Ramadan Abdullah Shalah (leader of the Palestinian Islamic Jihad). He underlined that he has a daily contact with them…Soleimani, Narallah and Shalah are all considered terrorist by almost all the International Community…


Shameful: Pro IRGC picture invites to kill the children of Aleppo


Source: Persian.War.News

In these days a video circulated on the Web showing the children of Aleppo while they were burning car’s wheels. The goal of these children is to create a big cloud of smoke, in order to confuse the pro-Assad pilots while they bomb their targets in the city. We need to remember that, between these targets, there are not only the rebel positions, but also civilian targets like hospitals.

It seems that the action of the Aleppo’s children provoked the anger of the pro-IRGC groups. In the picture below, a group affiliated to the Iranian Pasdaran, invited the people to kill the children of Aleppo. Inside the picture it is written: “ISIS bastard dwarves, if you don’t kill them, they’ll be worse than fathers“.



Report: Iran sent in Syria 14000 Afghans mercenaries, spending $ 4 billion in 5 years

Source: Al – Arabiya

The newspaper Al-Arabiya published an article which exposed how Iran has used the Afghan mercenaries to fights the jihad in Syria. The report reveals that, until now, Tehran recruited between 12000 and 14000 Afghan mercenaries, all of them sent in Syria inside the so called Fatemeon Brigade. For them the Islamic Republic spent 260 billion tomans per year, the equivalent of 76 million dollars per year. So, until now, Tehran has spent more than $ 4 billion over the last five years, to save Assad’s regime and support the exportation of the Khomeini’s revolution. The commander of the Fatameon Brigade, Ali Reza Tavassoli (a man of Qassem Soleimani), was killed in late February 2015, during a battle in Daraa.

Last May, the Iranian parliament approved the draft of a law, which will grant the Iranian nationality to the Shiite militiamen killed in Syria, most of them from Afghanistan and Pakistan. Despite this decision, Iran works to hide the number of Shiite mercenaries killed in Syria. Gen. Saeed Ghasemi, commander of Ansar Hezbollah, denounced that Tehran buries dozens of dead Afghan mercenaries, in a cemetery close to the city of Qom, in tombs with “unknown identity”.

It is also important to report that many of the Afghans sent to Syria were refugees in Iran from the Hazara ethnic group and sometimes minors. This in clear violations of the International Conventions for the protection of the Refugees and the Children (Good Morning Iran).


Meet the Lebanese Shiite cleric who challenges the power of Hassan Nasrallah



Sheikh Muhammad Ali Al-Huisseini in Paris

Source: Facebook, MEMRI

Below the video of the last interview of the Lebanese Shiite cleric Mohamad Ali El- Husseini. Speaking with Sky News Arabia, al-Husseini attacked the Iranian regime and invited the head of Hezbollah to join the Arab nation. He also added that Tehran will “send Nasrallah out when it has finished using him”.

In these days, al-Husseini arrived in France, where he met with Sunni clerics and also visited the Holocaust Forum of Paris. There, in his Facebook page, the Lebanese cleric wrote: “We are on a historic visit in the name of humanity to the Jewish victims Holocaust forum and announce solidarity and sincere condolences to the people of the victims. We live in the era of Pharaoh and Hitler, we suffer from terrorism represented today by evil doers. We declare in the name of humanity our condemnation and our rejection of this brutal crime and our human solidarity with victims. we, the good guys in the world, have to always look and take in account what Pharaoh did to Israeli population and what Hitler committed to Jews as lessons; and bear in mind that Pharaoh and Hitler returned to kill and burn human again, we have to confront them and address them so that the Holocaust will not be repeated all over again“.

Sheikh Muhammad Ali Al-Huisseini lives in Beirut and is the head of the Arab Islamic Council.