Iran admits presence of IRGC “Saberin Unit” in Syria and Iraq

Source: Fars NewsSepah News

Everyday a new piece of the Iranian involvement in Syria and Iraq is revealed. This time, for the first time, Tehran admits the presence in Damascus and Baghdad of the “Saberin Unit”. Saberin, is the special unit of the IRGC’s ground forces. The presence was revealed by Pasdaran’s general Sardar Mohammad Pakpour, in an event organized to commemorate the “martyrs” of Saberin Unit in Syria and Iraq. General Pakpour said that the special unit was deployed in order to defend the sacred shrines and to fight “tafkiris” and “salafists”. During his speech, General Pakpour said that Iran has the duty to deploy the special unit outside the country, because 60% of the Iranian borders are in the hands of “terrorists”. Pakopour refereed in particular to the borders with Pakistan (the area of Chabhar) and with Afghanistan.