Our goal


Our goal is very simple: give voice to who has no voice. Give voice to Iranian people, oppressed by an anachronistic regime, lead by fundamentalists Mullahs and by aggressive and corrupted Pasdaran. We will also denounce the Iran terrorist behavior toward the International Community and the criminal actions of its proxies all around the world.

More: we also want to tell another Iran. The Iran of the brave people and their struggle to conquer a normal daily life. We want to show you their efforts, hoping that very soon their dream  of freedom could become reality. We are sure that one day this will happen and we hope to realize this goal also with your help.

Please, share our posts and make sure that more and more people will be aware of the Iranian situation. Only in this way we could denounce regime’s actions and force Ayatollahs to pay in front of the International Justice for their crimes.


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