Iranian official praises the role of Tehran’s military advisors in the “Mediterranean coast” and attacks Westernization

Source: Alef

Speaking during a conference on national security and jihad, IRGC Commander and Secretary of the Expediency Council Mohsen Rezaei, praised the important role of the Iranian military advisors in the “Mediterranean coast”, underlining that they have “protected the borders from enemies”. Rezaei also said that the Islamic Republic have missiles which can hit targets 2000 km away, with only 15-30 meters of error. Speaking about the problems of the country, Reazei said that Islamic Revolution is suffering from lack of attention to the path of God, because of the ferocious competition of the Westernization.


Former Italian FM Terzi denounces Iranian link with al-Qaeda

Source: al-Quds al-Arabi

In an interview published in Arabic on al-Quds al-Arabi, Italian ex Foreign Minister Giulio Terzi, denounced the Iranian regime connections with the Sunni terrorist group al-Qaeda. In particular, Ambassador Terzi denounced that Tehran is using  especially Hezbollah to maintain the relations with al-Qaeda, in order to keep a low profile. Terzi explained that the relations between Iran and al-Qaeda started in early 1990 in Sudan, promoted by Hasan al Turabi. Using the Quds Force, the Islamic Republic has become a safe heaven for the terrorists of al-Qaeda, also for Sunni terrorists who arrived in Syria after 2011. About the intelligence relations between Damascus and Rome, Terzi expressed his doubts over the effectiveness of this cooperation, because of Syrian regime support to terrorism.



Is Iran afraid of Russia’s projects in Syria?

Source: Tabnak, Arabi21

An article published on, the online newspaper close to IRGC Commander Mohsen Rezaei, expressed worried about the Russian projects in Syria and the effect on Iran. In particular, the article underlined that the Russian goal and the Iranian one, are not the same. Moscow acted in Syria in order to contain Nato, a strategy that Putin is implementing since 2008 in Georgia. But, differently from what happened in Afghanistan, Russia has no intention to deploy many soldiers in Syria for long time. Today, For the Kremlin, Assad is a pawn to fight Isis, but in the next future Moscow wants to share the responsibility in Syria, with other partners, first with Turkey. Putin wants to distance Ankara from US and Nato and, in order to achieve this goal, he is ready to share the power with Erdogan. For this reason, in the next future it is possible that Iran and Russia will clash on Syria, especially when Putin will start to abandon Assad and the Shia militias.


Iran Basij Commander reaffirms: “Within 10 years Israel will disappear”

Source: Mashregh News

Speaking in front of students, Brigadier General Mohammad Reza Naqdi, commander of the Iranian Basij said that he “hope that within 10 years, Israel will disappear. In any case, within 2025, there will be no Israeli”. He also added that, despite the American anti Iranian activities, “now we see the Islamic Revolution in Beirut” (referring to the election of Michael Aoun to the Lebanese Presidency).


Mashhad Friday prayers’ leader: “EU office in Iran will be a house of spies”

Source: Radio Farda

Mashhad Friday prayers’ leader Ahmad Alamolhoda strongly attacked the idea of Rouhani’s Government, to open an office of EU in Tehran. While from the Iranian MFA are arriving controversial information, from the religious establishment the reaction is very negative. Speaking in public, Mashhad Friday prayers’ leader Ahmad Alamolhoda said that an office of EU in Iran, will be only a “house of spies and Western influence”. He also added that, the proposal of the FATF to normalize the relations with the Islamic Republic, goes against the interests of Iranian allies, like Hezbollah and Bashar al Assad.


IRGC Commander admits: “US has completely destroyed our missile factory in Aleppo”

Source: Asharq al-Aawsat;

Few days ago, the Iranian Chief of Staff of the Iranian Armed Forces Major General Mohammad Bagheri, revealed that Tehran has a missile factory se in Aleppo, which was also used by Hezbollah during the war against Israel in 2006. Yesterday, the IRGC Aerospace Force Commander Ali Hajizadeh said that this missile factory in Aleppo, was completed destroyed by United States. He was speaking during a special event in commemoration of Hassan Tehrani Moghaddam, the so called “father of the Iranian missile program”, killed in an explosion in November 2011.


Head of Iran army Bagheri: “We have a missile factory in Aleppo. Hezbollah used it during 2006 war against Israel”

Source: Radio Farda

The Chief of Staff of the Iran Armed Forces, IRGC Major General Mohammad Bagheri, revealed that Iran has – since long time – a missile factory in Aleppo. Hezbollah has already used it in 2006, during the war against Israel. He also added that, during the war against Iraq, Syria supplied Iran with missiles. Bagheri also remembered Hassan Tehrani Moghammad, engineer and Pasdaran officer, who is considered the father of the Iranian missile program. He was killed on 12 November 2011, in an explosion in a depot belonging to the Army of the Guardian, 25 miles west of Iran’s capital Tehran.


Letter of IRGC commander Hamadani (killed in Syria in 2015): “Assad is fighting in our name”

Source: Fars News

The Iranian media published a posthumous letter of Hossein Hamadani, IRGC commander killed in Syria on October 7, 2015. In the letter, Hamadani remembers that Syria was the first country to recognize the Islamic Republic after the Revolution of 1979. He also added that Hafez al Assad supported Iran during the war against Iraq (giving weapons to Tehran). Speaking about the actual war in Syria, Hamadani said that Bashar al Assad is fighting “in our name”. He also added that, for US, the ending of Syrian support to Hezbollah would be enough to accept Assad. He ended his letter saying that his decision to go in Syria, was taken in “the spirit of Kerbala”.


Syria/Iraq: The battle in Aleppo is overseen by officers of Russia & North Korea. Hezbollah involved in Mosul offensive!

Source: Youtube, Youtube, Youtube

Two prisoners captured in West of Aleppo, revealed that the Assad’s forces in Aleppo are overseen by two foreign officers: one from Russia and another one from North Korea. They also revealed that Hezbollah is deeply involved in the battle of Aleppo, with at least 200 fighters.

Another video, this time from Iraq, shows Lebanese Hezbollah involved in the Battle of Mosul (Video 1). In the battle are strongly involved many Shia pro-Iran militias, grouped inside the so called Popular Mobilization Forces (PMU). In the last video below, for example, it is possible to see Iraqi Hezbollah Brigades (aka Kata’ib Hezbollah), transporting artillery and fighters inside Province of Nineveh (Video 2). Hezbollah Brigades is a US-designated Foreign Terrorist Organization.

Video 1

Video 2

Lebanon: Hezbollah terrorists attack officials of Internal Security Forces

Source: Youtube

Below the video of the clash between members of the terrorist organization Hezbollah and the officers of the Lebanese Internal Security Forces. The clash happened in Sidon, when the Lebanese soldiers stooped a veichle with the two terrorists of Hezbollah, and asked them the identification papers. Another demonstration that Hezbollah is not part of Lebanon, but it’s only a State within a State which obeys only to Iran.