Iran: Another woman took off her hijab in the same place of Vida Movahed! [Photo]

Source: Facebook page Nasrin Sotoudeh

The Iranian lawyer Nasrin Sotoudeh – well known for her role in defending the human rights and the political activists – has published a picture of another woman who took of her veil, in protest against the compulsory hijab. This protest represents also a solidarity gesture for Vida Movahed, the Iranian woman who took off her veil at the beginning of ‘Iran Protests’ and was immediately arrested. The woman has taken off her veil in the exact place in which Vida Movahed did. Yesterday Masih Alineajad informed that Vida Movahed was released from the prison.


Must See: Saudi animated video simulates the conquest of Tehran! [Video]

Source: Youtube

On the top, it is possible to see an animated video just released in Saudi Arabia, which simulates the conquering of Tehran by Saudi’s army. It seems that this video is the answer to another animated video produced last year in Iran, in which there was a simulation of Houthi’s missile attack against Saudi’s oil facilities (video below).

Khamenei’s fatwa: Women not allowed to ride a bike in public, while cyberspace temporary marriages are permitted…

Source: Radio Farda

<p align="justify"In his new Fatwas, Khamenei repeated that the women are not allowed to ride a bike where they can be exposed to unknown people, meaning in public. On the other side, responding to another question, Khamenei said that the temporary marriages achieved via the cyberspace are allowed, on the condition that the girl is virgin and receives the permission of her father.

Iranian female supporters forced to support Assad in order to enter in the Stadium!


As well known, the Iranian regime denies the permission to the women to enter in the stadium. The same prohibition was applied during the last match between Iran and Syria in Tehran. The regime allowed the Syrian female supporters to enter in the stadium, forcing them to wear the veil (despite one of them was pictured inside the stadium without the veil). On the contrary, the regime has denied the entering to the Iranian female supporters. But, the security, told to the Iranian female supporters that they would be allowed to enter in the stadium – with the veil – if they would carry the flag of Syria and a picture of Bashar al Assad. Some of the Iranian female supporters accepted in order to overcome the law, while others have rejected the proposal, protesting also via social networks against, what they called, a “betrayal of Iran”.

Bahrain unveils terrorist cell linked to Iran


Bahrain has unveiled the discovering of a terrorist cell, linked to the Iranian regime. The authority of Manama, announced the arrest of a cell, composed by 10 members, which had the goal of planning terrorist attacks in the country. The cell was led by Hussain Ali Ahmed Dawood, leader of the Saraya Al Ashtar. Dawood left Bahrain before the arrest, and repaired in Iran. The security forces of Bahrain accused him of having strong ties with the Iranian revolutionary Guards. Bahrain revoked his citizenship and condemned him to life imprisonment in absentia.

Iranian regime plans to eliminate Iraqi Shiite cleric Moqdata al-Sadr


While the Iraqi Shiite cleric Moqtada al-Sadr is visiting the United Arab Emirates, the Iranian regime is planning to eliminate him. It seems that, after the meeting between al-Sadr and the Saudi king Salman in Riyadh, Tehran has decided that the Iraqi leader has gone too far and it is time to replace him. To achieve this goal, the Iranian regime is spreading rumors that al-Sadr and his close advisors were spies of the Saddam’s regime in the past. There are also plans to assassinate him if necessary (but for the moment Iran has decided to avoid this step, in order to avoid clashes between Shiites in Iraq.
In the meantime, during the visit in Abu Dhabi, Prince Sheikh Mohammed bin Zayed Al Nahyan has expressed to al-Sadr his concerns about the Iranian interference in the region and underlined “the importance of investing in a national building that brings together all Iraqis”. It seems that, in Tehran, there are some supports of al-Sadr who are working to easy the dispute.

Showing a rifle, Khamenei calls Muslims to the jihad against Israel, Saudi Arabia and India

Source: Tasnim News; Tasnim News

The Iranian Supreme Guide Ali Khamenei gave his sermon for Eid al-Fitr, in front of important Muslim representatives. While speaking, Khamenei held a rifle close to him (the rifle was a Czech Brno, based on German Mauser). Showing the rifle, Khamenei wanted to launch a calling to the armed jihad to the Islamic world. Against whom? First a jihad against Israel, the classical enemy of the Iranian regime. During his speech, Khamenei remarked that the Palestinian issue is the main issue for the Muslim world. Because of this reason, the jihad against the “Zionist entity” is a duty and could take any form. But, Khamenei’s message of jihad, was also against Saudi Arabia. In his speech, Khamenei underlined that the crisis in Yemen and Bahrain, represent a great wound in the body of the Islamic world. The Iranian Supreme Guide called the Islamic world to support explicitly the Yemeni and Bahraini peoples. Which means a calling of Jihad not only against Riyadh, but also against its allies. Finally, Khamenei expressed his support to the Kashmiri people, which means a calling of Jihad against India (whose Prime Minister Modi will soon visit Israel).

Palestinian representative of PFLP to Fars News: “We admire Imam Khomeini”

Source: Fars news

Speaking about al-Quds Day with the Iranian press agency Fars News, close to the Pasdaran, the Sunni Palestinian representative of the terrorist group Popular Front for Liberation of Palestine, Kayed al-Ghul, used the occasion to express his admiration for Imam Khomeini. He praised the Revolution of 1979, which established the Islamic Shiite Republic, ending the relations between Iran, the US administration and the “Zionist entity”. Al-Ghul attacked the Arab States which are ready to achieve agreements with Israel and praising the Iranian regime for its stance in favor of the “Islamic unity”.

Why Qassem Soleimani has chosen the Shia Afghans to escort him during the visit to the Syria-Iraq border?

Source:, Youtube

Recently the Iranian media published videos of Qassem Soleimani, head of the Qods Force, while visiting and praying in the border between Iraq and Syria. During this travel, Soleimani has chosen to be escorted by the members of the Fatemyoun Division, the militia created by the Pasdaran and composed by Afghan fighters, belonging to the Hazara ethnic group.
Why? The website al-Quds al-Arabi, a pan-Arab daily newspaper printed in London, writes that the decision to be escorted by the Afghans, was taken by Soleimani in order to send a message to Saudi Arabia and to the Prime Minister of Iraq al-Abadi, who is visiting Riyadh today: he wanted to said that Iran is an empire, capable to reach an influence which goes from Lebanon to Afghanistan, passing also through the Gulf (the article speaks about the case of Bahrain).
On the top, the video of Soleimani praying during his visit to the border between Iraq and Syria.