Former Italian FM Terzi denounces Iranian link with al-Qaeda

Source: al-Quds al-Arabi

In an interview published in Arabic on al-Quds al-Arabi, Italian ex Foreign Minister Giulio Terzi, denounced the Iranian regime connections with the Sunni terrorist group al-Qaeda. In particular, Ambassador Terzi denounced that Tehran is using  especially Hezbollah to maintain the relations with al-Qaeda, in order to keep a low profile. Terzi explained that the relations between Iran and al-Qaeda started in early 1990 in Sudan, promoted by Hasan al Turabi. Using the Quds Force, the Islamic Republic has become a safe heaven for the terrorists of al-Qaeda, also for Sunni terrorists who arrived in Syria after 2011. About the intelligence relations between Damascus and Rome, Terzi expressed his doubts over the effectiveness of this cooperation, because of Syrian regime support to terrorism.




Italian navy official invites Iranian ships in Italian territorial water!!!

Source: Defa Press

A military delegation from Italy – composed by five people – is visiting Iran. The delegation will remain in Iran until September 7. The goal of the visit is to strengthen the military relations between Rome and Tehran. Today, the Iranian press reported that, during the meeting with Iran’s Navy Commander Rear-Admiral Habibollah Sayyari, the Italian Rear-Admiral Roberto Chia Marcella has invited the Iranian ships to dock in the Italian territorial water. The Italian military official also added that “in the future, we will witness Italian vessels berthing at Iran southern harbors“.

This news is very important for different reasons. The main important one is that Italy is a Nato’s country and a key ally of United States in the Mediterranean Sea. Commenting the meeting with his Italian counterpart, Rear-Admiral Habibollah Sayyari underlined thatItaly enjoys around 8,000 kilometers (4970 miles) of maritime border and the Mediterranean is [also] strategically very significant given the fact that it connects the important Suez Canal and the Strait of Gibraltar“. The Iranian President Hassan Rouhani has always said that Iran “sees Italy as gateway to interact with Europe”.

The Italian delegation visited also the Imam Khomeini Naval University of Noshahr. We close remembering that, only in January 2016, Iranian Navy Commander Avoids Sitting beside US Counterpart in Bangladesh Conference (Fars News).


Head of Syrian intelligence secretly visited Rome?

Source: , al-Quds al Arabi

Rumors arrived from Beirut about a secret visit in Rome, paid by the head of the Syrian intelligence. It seems that the man is Maj. Gen. Mohammed Bin Zaitoun, the head of the Syrian General Security Directorate. The source of the (unconfirmed) information, revealed that the Syrian official arrived in Rome with a delegation and met with his Italian counterpart (plus other local security officials). In theory, Maj. Gen. Bin Zaitoun cannot travel outside Syria, in consideration of the EU and US sanctions against him, for abusing of human rights and repression of civil protests. If confirmed, it will be the first time since many years, that a Syrian security official visits an European capital. The parts also discussed about the diplomatic relations between Italy and Syria, and the possible return of the Italian Ambassador in Damascus.


In the press conference in Italy, Iran President Rouhani attacked Saudi Arabia: “We will not apologize”

Source: Al Alam, Egypt News,

Speaking during his last press conference in Italy – before the next visit in France – the Iranian President Hassan Rouhani attacked Saudi Arabia. Even if Rouhani has repeated that Tehran wants friendly relations with Riyadh, he condemned the execution of Sheikh al Nimr, and the “Saudi aggression against Yemen”. Rouhani also denounced that Saudi Arabia has failed to achieve its goals in Iraq, Lebanon and Syria. The Iranian President underlined that the Saudis’s actions are “helping the terrorists” (meaning Isis). Because of this, even if Riyadh apologizes with the Muslims, it will be insufficient.

In the end of his speech, Rouhani also remembered the last incident during the Hajj (the holy pilgrim to Mecca), accusing Saudi Arabia of “incompetence“. Speaking about the attack against the embassy of Saudi Arabia in Iran, Rouhani remarked that the Iranian security forces have done all they had to do and there is no reason to apologize (on Tuesday, visiting France, the former chief of Saudi Intelligence, Turki al-Faisal, asked Iran to apologize for what happened in Tehran).