Is this video the proof that Bashar al Assad has suffered a stroke?

Source: Arabi21

Few days ago, Syrian President Bashar al Assad met with a parliamentary delegation from Belgium. During the meeting, the attention was caught by the left hand of Assad. During all the meeting, while speaking with the Belgian MPs, Assad kept his left hand always steady, lying it on the armrest of the armchair. Even in the video broadcasted by the TV of the Syrian regime, it is possible to see the eyes of one of the members of the Belgian delegation, while watching the left hand of Assad with special attention. For many observers, this is the proof that Assad suffered a stroke and now the establishment of the regime is keeping him on power, only as a symbolic figure.


IRGC Commander reveals how many Afghan refugees Iran sent to die in Syria


In a leaked video posted on Facebook and Twitter, it is possible to see the Iranian IRGC Commander Hossein Yekta, revealing the number of Afghan refugees, sent by Tehran to fight the jihad in Syria. Yekta said that, today, 18000 Afghans are fighting in Syria and that the two commanders of the so called Fatemiyoun Division, Alireza Tavassoli and his vice Reza Bakhshi, were both killed during the war.

Iran SL Khamenei’s unprecedented attack against Saudi Arabia [Video]

Source: Iran Press News Tube

During a public meeting with the Students Islamic Associations, the Iranian Supreme Leader Ali Khamenei attacked the West and Saudi Arabia. He denounced that, in the country, there is who promotes the Western style. Because of this the Islamic Republic is seeking to “educate young people” in order to oppose “the arrogance”.

Referring indirectly to the OIC’s decision to label Hezbollah as a terrorist organization, Khamenei attacked Saudi Arabia, describing the regime in Riyadh as an “empty corrupted government”, which depends on oil money and dollars. The Supreme Leader ended his speech praising Hezbollah and calling its members the “sun and the pride” of the Muslim World.


Yemeni Government released video proving Hezbollah’s role in training Houthi rebels

Source: Arabi21

Yemen Government’s Spokesman, Rajeh Badi, announced that Sana’a has proofs on the Hezbollah’s involvement in training Houthi rebels. He accused Iran and Hezbollah not only to train Houthis, but to plan actions close to the border between Yemen and Saudi Arabia. The Yemeni Government released a video in which it is possible to see one Hezbollah’s instructor with some Houthi’s fighters.

Incredible: Video shows an Iranian Ghadir submarine while aiming the deck of an American aircraft carrier!

Source: Tasnim News

The Iranian media are broadcasting a short video recorded by a Ghadir class submarine during a navy exercise in the Strait of Hormuz. In the video it is possible to see what should be the deck of an American aircraft carrier. Click on the first imagine below to see the video.

foto 1

In another video, recorded during the same military exercise, it is possible to see the flight of an IRGC drone over an American aircraft carrier in the Gulf. Click on the second imagine below to see the video.

foto 2

Dangerous: Iran news agency published video inciting Muslims to kill Rushdie in Frankfurt Book Fair

Source: Tasnim News, Manuchehr lenziran

The Iranian press agency Tasnim News, affiliate to the IRGC, published an horrible video, which indirectly incites Muslim people to kill the Indian writer Salman Rushdie during the Frankfurt Book Fair. The video, provocatively asks if the Frankfurt Book Fair “will be not the graveyard of the writer”… 

The Imam Khomeini personally wrote a fatwa against Salman Rushdie, calling the true believers to kill the apostate writer (Good Morning Iran). Iran will boycott the Frankfurt Book Fair in protest of the organizers decision to invite Salman Rushdie.


Video of IRGC Commander Qassem Soleimani in Iraq (Al Anbar Province)

Source: IRGC Special Force Facebook Page

Iran IRGC Quds Force Commander Qassem Soleimani visited Iraqi Province of Al Anbar. As well known, the Iranian involvement in the fights against Daesh, is becoming more and more a war between the Shiite “Popular Mobilization Force” and the Sunni tribes of the area. In this video, it is possible to see Qassem Soleimani in a meeting with few local Sunni representatives, trying to convince them to fight alongside the Shia groups.